I offer supportive services to all people who come before me, to the individual consumers and to their loved-ones in a sensitive and a culturally humble way which promotes the education of personal awareness through Wellness Coaching, Spiritual Healing & Strengthening, and Wellness Training and Cleanses improving co-occurring concerns in life, information on anti-stigma, support through holistic wellness, better personal wellness, hope for one's future, personal responsibility and personal empowerment on your own Radiant Journey.

"Failures are a part of life and are often more valuable than success because you learn more!"


Wellness Coach, Spiritual Healing/Strengthening and Wellness Training Rachel E. Ford, ThM


  • Certified Health and Life Coach
  • Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Theology With an Emphasis in Counseling
  • 30+ Years in Health and Social Services – Serving persons across their life span with every imaginable diagnosis, need, or issue from every walk of life.
  • Mental Health Provider (retired)
  • Degree in Human Services
  • Recipient of Joint Resolution from California State Senate and State Assembly for volunteerism in the developmental disability and mental health communitites

I believe that all people, regardless of age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religious affiliation (including no religious belief), ethnicity or race, national origin, veteran or military status, have a right to receive the support they need to follow their own Radiant Journey to Wellness!