Movement & Activity

The journey of 1,000 miles begins with just one step

 by Lao Tzu – 6th Century

Movement is one of the best ways to improve our overall wellness regardless of our age, agility or ability. Even a little bit of physical activity every day can make a big difference in our whole-body wellness. Our bodies generally react positively to moving about. It is important to begin slowly to avoid soreness or injury. Our heart and lungs will get a chance to work, along with our muscles and we often feel proud of ourselves for accomplishing even a beginning wellness goal.

Get up, get moving . . . Be as active as you can be – get out from in front of the TV, computer or videogame. Take a walk around the house when the weather isn’t comfortable to be outside or play in the yard or park with your children or grandchildren on a comfortable day or evening. Take a stroll with a family member or friend whenever you can – if neighborhood is not a good place for walking, try walking at a mall or outlet shopping area. Even if we have limited mobility there are plenty of activities we may be able to do – on our own or with a little support. Chair exercises, simple stretching, or activities at the community center or senior center can be really fun and have the desired effect of supporting our whole-body wellness.

Some may wish to try yoga, a leisurely jog or going for a swim. Whatever we choose to get moving is great – there are no wrong choices or activities.

Setting an example for children or persons who may need support or encouragement, may help guide them on an appropriate path to wellness and weight management. The earlier we begin an appropriate movement routine, the easier it is to maintain across our lifespan. . .But it is never to late to begin.

Physical movement releases endorphins which allow us to feel better. One of the important things to remember, is to find an activity we like, one that invigorates us. Rather than forcing ourselves into an “exercise regimen” that we won’t stick with, or we may end up resenting – setting us for feelings of failure or worse, injury – think positive – ANYONE can do this!

If movement is new for you (or you have been sedentary – like me, due to covid restrictions or illness/injury, begin with 5-minutes a day, adding 5-minutes a week or every other week as feels comfortable, working up to two to three 20-minute movement sessions, five to six times per week. Remember whole-body wellness is not just about weight management, it is also about feeling better and being able to move with greater ease and as little pain as possible. Know that muscle weighs more than fat, so as you lose fat and tone or gain muscle-mass your weight may not be what you expected at first. As we maintain a whole-body wellness plan it will allow us to live a better life.

For seniors, some Medi-Care Supplemental Plans PAY for gym membership, other wellness activities and supports.

Whoever we are, wherever our beginning point – we can do this!

If you or someone in your life is beginning new activity after being sedentary for some time (like during covid restrictions or due to illness), it is advised to discuss whole-body wellness, new or increased activity with a medical provider for approval, information and necessary assistance.

If you would like to begin or enhance your level of movement or you are simply curios about the possibilities, click on the CONTACT Button, go to the Get Started Page, fill out the forms for a FREE consukltat

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