You are Worthy…

Have you ever had one of those days, where nothing seemed to go right? You know, you are late to work or an important appointment because your clothes were left in the dryer and are too wrinkled, you cannot find your keys or your bus pass and just as you get to where you are going you spill a full cup of hot coffee on your white blouse or shirt! I have had more of those days which is one of the reasons I decided to open my online practice. I all have to do is decide what I will wear from the waist up, put a smile on my face after reading my client’s file. It is not quite that simple, but you get the idea. Besides changing our entire career, there are some things each of us can do every day (or most days) to help us feel better and therefore have a better day!

Positives thoughts and kind words to oneself is a great way to motivate ourselves allowing us to shake off our tough day! Taking pride in ourselves, not our wardrobe, but how we feel about ourselves. And reminding ourselves that we are doing a great job – most of the time, doing our best is all we can do. We need to know that we are beautiful inside and out, not based on societal standards, but in our heart. As we see how worthy we are, how valuable we are will generally allow us to develop or enhance our self-esteem. Beating ourselves up over things we cannot change – a bad hair-day, a grumpy co-worker, client, spouse or child, the weather or traffic is an is absolute waste of time and may keep us down when we want to raise ourselves up. Remember we rarely know someone else’s true story or the entire situation – why they may be experiencing the mood they are in.

Try taking a deep breath (or 2 breathes or 10) and remember . . . This too shall pass. Another thought you may consider is this: will this situation or event impact me in 6-months, in 5-years? Probably not, and if not – just take another deep breath, or 2, and let it go – walk away if you can safely do so. (If it will affect you in the long run, seek appropriate advice and support.) We cannot control others – no matter how hard we try and no matter how much we want to. (I have been married 40-years and I still cannot truly control my husband or read his mind.)

However, we can control ourselves and our reactions to emotions which may lead to rude, inappropriate or negative behavior. Deep breathing, counting to 10 or 100, prayer (if you are so inclined) or meditation have helped many generations of people, across the globe to relieve stress and be in control of themself, and ultimately many situations.

Our words are powerful . . .

One of the ways we can increase the odds of a positive day, is to write daily affirmations. Affirmations can have a tremendously positive impact on our lives, today and in our future. If you are not sure what to write as powerful, positive daily affirmations, look to your favorite book, religious/spiritual materials, or positive quotes from people throughout history, placing each affirmation on a sticky note, then sticking them around the house – I especially like placing mine on the bathroom mirror or near my coffee pot on the inside of the cupboard so I may enhance my positive motivation while accomplishing my morning ritual.

Helping others be well is also an import trait we can develop. Being an example to the children, vulnerable persons or service providers in our lives is an exceptionally important gift to them and to ourselves. Being kind when we speak to others will show them that they too, are valuable human beings and cared for. You may be the only kind person that child, vulnerable person, customer service rep, server, or store clerk has encountered in a very long time. Remember, children and some vulnerable persons are like little sponges, they hear everything we say, then they sometimes repeat back our negative, hurtful or inappropriate comments right to us or at an uncomfortable time – causing trouble or embarrassment for both of us.

Being kind to ourselves (& others) is an incredibly important, FREE gift we may give ourselves and all of humanity, which often affords us tremendous rewards!

We are worthy and we are all worth the effort it takes to be well!

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