Support A Vet!

Today is Veteran’s Day . . .                                                                                                

From one Veteran to another . .

THANK YOU for your services!

Sadly, tragically, over 40,000 Veterans are homeless on any given night in the US and even more devastating – every day over 20 Veterans and Active-Duty Military Members die by suicide. As a retired supervising mental health provider, I understand there are almost always multiple reasons why a Vet or anyone, dies by suicide. PTSD, anger, lack of income to meet basic needs, lack of emotional support by their loved-one, their community – the Country that they served!

If you or someone you have contact with are in need of mental health support call or text: 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline – Option ONE for Veterans

Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 


As restaurants and businesses across the nation offer discounts & “Freebies” to Veterans today, let’s stop and think . . . Let’s come together to truly support all Active-Duty Military Members & Veterans – regardless of their duty, regardless of their residence, & regardless of their reason for exiting service. Ask your elected & appointed officials to approve a budget that will support & assist military members & Veterans – not just more money for weaponry. Ask national & local businesses to offer true discounts to military member & Veterans – every day of the year.

The services offered by the United States Military & the sacrifice made by all Veterans to protect this nation & ALL who reside on our shores should not go unnoticed – should not be forgotten!

All gave some . . . And some gave ALL!

The agencies & organization are but a percentage of the places Veterans can seek support:

Stop Soldier Suicide

US Dept of Veteran Affairs 

DAV – Disabled American Vets                                                                                                        

Veterans Benefits Administration Home

Board of Veterans’ Appeals

Women Veterans: Organizations & Sites

Opportunities and Resources for Women Veterans › womenvet › resources

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans – Until No Veteran …

The American Legion a U.S. Veterans Association

AMVETS: Serving American Veterans

Wounded Warrior Project® – Support Veterans

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