The HOLIDAY SEASON – whatever you celebrate – however you celebrate – sometimes we need a little support to make things feel “right.”

Di Los Muertos, Halloween, Dwali, Winter Solstice, Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Chanukah, Christmas, New Years Eve & Day, Valentines, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter . . . The Holiday Season!

What does it mean for you . . . Sharing . . . Feasting . . . JOY

I grew-up in a huge extended family with much joy . . . Laughter, singing, homemade gifts & the birth of my younger brother (1965) & 22-years later, the birth of our younger son – just in time for Thanksgiving!! Our family also experienced great sorrow with the unexpected & tragic death of an Uncle when he was just six-years-old & 50-years later, the passing of his mother, our beloved Grandmother, each on Christmas Day . . . tears, fighting, anguish – drinking – way, way too much drinking . . .

I understand how a celebration can turn into a battle of wills or an all out calamity!

I would be honored if you would allow me to use my experience, education & expertise to guide you through YOUR Holiday Season. I look forward to offering you guidelines & boundaries that will encourage & allow you to move forward & take control of how YOU experience each celebration. family gathering, work party or (uncomfortable) phone call. As you follow the simple steps laid out in YOUR Radiant Journey to Wellness you should soon be able to make YOUR transformation to a Joyful Holiday Season!

Remember, no one can truly CONTROL another person’s uncomfortable, difficult or aggressive behavior – but we CAN LEARN to control our behavior & our reactions to others . . .

If you have questions about the various celebration mentioned here OR other celebrations, please feel free to request a free referral or consultation.

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