UN-Clutter – Ourselves – Our Personal Space . . . Our Life!

Winter is a hectic time of year . . . But for most of us, so is every other time of year! If we can focus our energy 10 to 15-minutes a day, 2 to 3-times a day, we can UN-clutter our mind, our desk, our personal space, our home . . . Our LIFE! The simple guidelines below will help you get started whether you are fairly organized right now, OR like I used to be – every flat service in your home is covered with SOMEthing!

Begin by understanding when we develop daily organizational routines, which takes mere minutes each day, we can have MORE time to take care of everything and everyONE in our lives and we can have MORE time for ourselves, for work, responsibilities, chores AND relaxation – however we define it!

Always keep a regular calendar, even on the weekend and holidays. Write down everything you wish (or are required) to accomplish each day. 1. Work schedule 2. Exercise routine 3. Chores to be accomplished 4. Time with loved-ones 5. Time for ourselves

Include travel time to and from work & other scheduled or routine events – worship, grocery shopping, school – wherever we have to drive, take public transportation or follow someone else’s direction – we will do better by ACKNOWLEDGING that everything takes time . . . Allow for it!

If you have an exercise routine – include it in your calendar. If you do NOT regularly exercise, find some type of movement you enjoy – chair stretches, roller skating, swimming, dancing . . . ANY movement is better than being sedentary. If you have never had an exercise (or movement) routine or it has been awhile – please check with your medical provider to ensure you will be safe, comfortable and SUCCESFUL!

Keeping a schedule of your necessary and/or daily chores may not seem necessary and most days it may not be. However, when we have hectic or over-whelming days, remembering the most simple, most mundane things can seem daunting. If we remember to accomplish small tasks everyday – we do not end up with as many weekends with TOO MUCH TO DO!

Scheduling time with our loved-ones can allow us to develop or enhance the very relationships that can fuel our strength to continue with the struggle and when things go well – we can dramatically expand our joy!

Although, last our list – this is the most important task in setting our schedule, uncluttering our life and enhancing our whole-body wellness. Take time for yourself! Meditation, a favored movie, listening to music you love, napping, praying – whatever seems best to you. Whatever, allows you to relax, to rejuvenate – that is what we MUST do. Caring for ourselves – scheduling time to care for ourselves, will allow us to be our best selves as often as possible.

This is just the beginning – together we can unclutter anything . . . in any part of your life.

If you need support in developing a schedule which can assist you in uncluttering you life, please fill out the form on the contact page or hit the Get Support Button and we can schedule a free consultation.

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