Head Shot 9-2022

Who Am I?

I am a wife, mother, sibling, aunt, cousin, in-law, and friend. Belonging to a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, and differently-abled family.

I have lived in or traveled to 6 countries and 6 states.

I survived trauma and tragedy, coming through it stronger than I ever imagined; these experiences allow me to live every day as my radiant self.

My life experience, coupled with my education, coaching skills, and career expertise, allows me to guide you through your Radiant Journey to become your best self!

I serve all persons aged 15 +, regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, belief or practice (including no practice), ethnicity or race, national origin, military or Veteran status, offering support needed to overcome the barriers which pay be preventing them from following their Radiant Journey to Wellness.

Rachel E. Ford, ThM

  • Certified Health and Life Coach
  • Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Theology With an Emphasis in Counseling
  • Serving the community through advocacy, education, rights & social justice of ALL persons, legislative issues, issues relating to surviving & leaving poverty.
  • Mental Health Provider (retired)
  • Degree in Human Services
  • Recipient of Joint Resolution from California State Senate and State Assembly for volunteerism in the developmental disability and mental health communities

"If you only do what you are doing, you can never be more than you are... Habit change improves your life!"

My Clients Say

Rachel offered me tremendous support, enhancing my Spirituality & my life! She was flexible with my hectic work schedule, supporting me so I could become my most Radiant Self!

FM Bronx, NY

I am so Grateful for Rachel! She was referred to me in such a way, that only God could have arranged. I asked God for a counselor that can truly understand my circumstances, and I received that and more. Rachel is a great listener, comforting and filled with wisdom. I will always be thankful for her compassion towards me especially in my times of despair.

S.W. - Sacramento County

Rachel has been my counselor for seven years. She has supported me with my multiple medical issues and with the depression that comes from isolation because I am a senior who doesn't drive and more recently because of covid restrictions. I am thankful that she is able to continue to serve me addressing every need I bring to her.

DSJ - Solano County

The positive support and guidance I receive from Rachel is helping to stay with my coaching plan and to reach my goals. Rachel is a very knowledgeable and kind coach.

G. L. - Butte County