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Please enroll in a 90-day Radiant Journey to Wellness or for 3-months of counseling (with an optional extension).Sign-up for Wellness Training and share in comprehensive, evidenced-based practices to enhance the wellness of your club, religious or spiritual organization, group, or agency.

During your radiant journey, we will work together to take you from where you are... To where you want to be! During Wellness Training I share caring, exciting and fun information to enhance the wellness of the audience.

We will use evidenced-based practices, supplemental books, documents, and activities to help you make your best decisions to become your most radiant self under my guidance and expertise.

Self-care is not selfish... Self-care allows you to be your most radiant self! You are a valuable person; you are worth the time and attention required to become a radiant individual!

I will use my personal and professional expertise to guide you to find the answers to the questions and situations that are holding you back.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, schedule a free Intake Session, and we will decide if we should work together.

Come on! Let’s begin your radiant journey!


"Self-care isn't selfish - it is vital!"

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