My Journey with God

Rachel E. Ford, ThM

A tale of tragedy to triumph is for anyone who has suffered trauma (or anyone who cares for them). On the pages of my book, you will meet my multi-racial, multi-generational, multi-faith, differently-abled immediate & extended family. We are straight, gay and some choose not to identify. We know life is easier and generally better when we all come together as a member this great big HUMAN TEAM!      

TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More

My story begins at my beginning, well . . . At least from what I remember being told. I move forward through my life, sharing how my relationship with God, My Journey with God, brought me to joy and success. (I believe however one celebrates spirituality, faith or belief – we are stronger for the joined experience . . . It is not reasonable or necessary to expect that we are on the same journey.) I share how God’s strength and guidance brought me through the difficulty of two sexual assaults, when I experience trauma while serving in the United States Air Force as a tractor-trailer driver and dignitary driver – across the globe. Seven-ears after marrying my military sweetheart, our young son fell victim to life-threatening trauma – God was by our side . . . Often carrying us. As a result of our son’s tenacity and perseverance; My Journey with God slammed me into a completely different trajectory on my already twisted journey.

God was also with us, providing strength and courage as we celebrated our Anniversary when our favorite restaurant was held up.  Through shock and dismay, we witnessed our dear friend being shot as he attempted to thwart two of the three armed robbers, saving us and the many innocent restaurant patrons and staff. 

After I retired from 30+years in Social Services, I received my master’s degree in Theology (expanding my study of world religious practices, faiths and belief), receiving Ordination from a small Church during the pandemic. I began my private mental health practice following retirement, offering free counseling for clients and families during Covid isolation – as so many people were greatly impacted. 

I have recently expanded my online Coaching, Spiritual Healing/ Strengthening, and Wellness Training Practice:
Radiant Journey to Wellness  www.radiantjourneytowellness.com .  I now serve people across the county . . . Soon across the globe!                      

Available for purchase on Serendipity Bible House – Fairfield, California, Barnes & Nobel, Amazon, iPhone and soon in your local bookseller or library.

May you find peace on YOUR journey, 

Rachel E. Ford, ThM
Radiant Journey to Wellness   

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